Ellison Horne on American Experiment


Does your timely working draft, Renewing the American Experiment, ever resonate with me!  What you are writing about can only serve to better understand the causes of this dysfunctional popular culture of modern America, and teach us how to turn it around.  Thank you for sending it to me.

You’ve touched a nerve that reminds me […]

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John Cavanagh on American Experiment


John Cavanagh, Executive Director, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, DC 

I had a lot of fun reading your fascinating 15 pages.  You are absolutely right in the framing: the right is winning because it has good stories.  We need good stories in response.  Some quick reactions. 

  1. The Prosperity Story:  I also think that the key to their story Iine […]
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Lee Drutman on American Experiment


Lee Drutman, Communications Director, Citizen Works

Thank you also for sharing the draft of “Renewing the American Experiment.” I couldn’t agree more with the underlying premise: that we need a new set of myths for American society, ones that reflect a more shared sense of prosperity and community. Corporations have been distressingly successful at promoting a market-based […]

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Betsy Toll on American Experiment


Betsy Toll, Living Earth: Gatherings for Deep Change, Portland, Oregon, www.LivingEarthGatherings.org

Re your first draft: Your point about the fundamental stories within or underlying the language of the political right raises what may be the most critical issue.

It appears to me that a key reason that the radical right story—that those “blessed” by God with advantages and […]

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State of the Union 2004



Keynote to Seattle Thunder “The State of the Union”
Saturday, January 24, 2004, Trinity United Methodist Church

By David C. Korten

Welcome to Seattle Thunder. American democracy is in crisis and we join together here in common cause to restore and renew it. Feel the power of our collective energy as it […]

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Why all the Fuss About Stockholders?

Editorial by Marjorie Kelly, in Business Ethics, January/February
1997, page 5.

Where does wealth come from? More precisely, where does the wealth of public
corporations come from? Who creates it?

To judge by the current arrangement, one might suppose capital creates
wealth — which is odd, because a pile of capital creates nothing. Yet
capital-providers, stockholders, lay claim to all […]

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Let’s Try Something Radical. Like a Market Economy

Plenary Presentation by David C. Korten to the Peoples’ Summit 1997 (TOES97)
Denver, Colorado, June 20, 1997

Welcome to the Peoples’ Summit 1997—the real economy summit. You know,
those guys meeting in that other economic summit in the Denver library have a
strange idea about democracy. There you have the Heads of State, Foreign
Ministers, and Finance Ministers of just […]

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PCDForum Paradigm Warrior Profile #4
Release date November 1, 1996

Interviewed by David C. Korten

Nicky Perlas heads the Center for Alternative Development Initiatives (CADI) based in Quezon City, Philippines and manages Ikapati Farms, a bio-dynamic agriculture demonstration farm run as a for-profit commercial enterprise. In an earlier incarnation, Nicky farmed a 200 hectare chemical intensive farm producing […]

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