David joined spiritual theologian Matthew Fox, in an opening session of the 2017 IONS Conference for a conversation about “What Connects Us – and Why It Is Important“. They explored how to translate a spiritual awakening into a societal transformation that is sustainable, respects all creation as sacred, and leaves no one behind.

The audio recording is in three segments.

Part 1 (1 hour, 18 minutes): Introductions by Cassandra Vieten, IONS President; opening remarks/setting the stage by Rev. Matthew Fox; David and Matthew share their initial thoughts and engage in conversation about “A Human Awakening: Observing the Trajectory and Discerning the Purpose in Creation’s Creative Unfolding” (round 1) and “A Troubled Earth: Confronting the Consequences of Obsolete Ideas and Institutions” (round 2).


Part 2 (36 minutes): Matthew leads off the conversation about “A Window of Opportunity: Finding Our Human Place as Lovers and Healers of a Living Earth” (round 3).


Part 3 (44 minutes) Open conversation and conclusion. Participants were invited to break into small groups at their tables and share one or two points that excited, inspired, or challenged their thinking; those who felt so moved shared with the larger group.