Are you entranced by Empire stories? Or have you been liberated?

Try this simple test. Take a piece of paper and write the numbers 1 to 5 in a column. Then write down True or False for each of the following statements. Nothing is recorded here so no one but you will know the result.

1. Civilization. Human civilization and progress began with the formation of the first empires in the Tigris-Euphrates and Nile river valleys.

2. Technological Innovation. War is the primary driver of technological innovation and is essential to human progress.

3. U.S. Democracy. The United States was founded as a democracy and our founding fathers gave us a Constitution that secures the rights of every person.

4. Money. Money is wealth and those who make money are growing the economic pie of the society, which ultimately benefits everyone.

5. Market Regulation. The invisible hand of the market, if freed from the distortions of government regulation will bring prosperity to all and assure a healthy environment.

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