These reports track my take on unfolding national and global events the Living Economies Forum (LEF) response. Reports from 2001 thru 2010 were written for the PCDForum board, advisers, and newsletter subscribers. These track my thinking and priorities from the build up to 9/11 through the immediate aftermath of the 2008 financial crash and the early days of the Obama administration. Reports since 2010 are an abridged version of reports to the LEF board and major funders. All are part of the Forum’s historical record.

December 2016 The surprise election of Donald Trump, my visit to China as a guest of the Chinese government, and my decision to make Ecological Civilization a defining frame of my work going forward.

December 2015 A year of accomplishment and transition involving completion of two book projects, personal downsizing, and movement upscaling.

December 2014 Priorities for advancing awareness of the power of framing cultural stories and the LEF role in that process.

December 2013 A planned cutback in travel and conventional media appearances freed time and energy to push the boundaries of New Economy thought and action through my writing and electronic networking.

December 2012 Initial development of our focus on the deep significance of humanity’s primary shared creation stories and the need for a new story to guide us in rethinking our economic institutions.

December 2011 Focusing attention on the choice between a money/banking system for a Mainstreet economy that supports people in making their living vs. one that supports Wall Street financiers in making a killing.

July 2010 Reflections on progress toward building a new economy movement, a positive policy agenda, and a strategy for advancing economic transformation.

May 2010 Reflections on how government saving Wall Street with a bailout while leaving Main Street to flounder creates a situation that can tilt either to authoritarianism or toward citizen action to create a world that works for all.

July 2009 Reflections on the opening for public dialogue created by growing public outrage at Wall Street in the midst of Wall Street efforts to convince the public that markets will fix Wall Street if government will just stop interfering.

February 2009 Reflections on the need for and early efforts to advance awareness that the challenge is not to fix the dysfunctional Wall Street economy, it is to replace it. And a brief overview of our early effort to advance that discussion.

November 2008 Reflections on the 2008 financial crash, our hopes for an Obama presidency, and efforts to frame a policy agenda for a new economy based on living system principles that moves the U.S. beyond its imperial agenda.

February 2006 Reflections on the launch of the Forum’s Great Turning initiative, our attempt to connect corporatism and militarism in a deeper historical frame of a 5,000 year Era of Empire and the possibilities of a new Era of Earth Community.

May 2003 Reflections on the focus on resisting U.S. imperial intentions driven by military force, the manipulation of public opinion by the Bush administration, and the need to replace a politics of fear and hate with a politics hope, love, and healing.

March 2002 Reflections on the Bush administration vision of global peace and democracy imposed by U.S. military power, the regrouping of global civil society around war resistance, and the simultaneous pursuit of a positive vision of human possibility.

September 2001 Reflections in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the Bush administration attack on dissent, and preparations for an unnecessary and tragically destructive war.

May 2001 Reflections on the burst of citizen activism building on the success of the 1999 Seattle WTO demonstration and the Forum’s response.