Most of the Forum’s work is carried out with and through our primary organizational partners: YES! Magazine, The Club of Rome, the Institute for Ecological Civilization, the International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

YES! logoYES! Magazine is a communications organization founded in 1996 to advance powerful ideas and practical actions for building a vibrant, fair, and healthy world. Through its print publication and website, it has become an influential voice within the progressive movement with its distinctive focus on framing the emerging new economic, political, and cultural mainstream. It is an essential resource for those working for economic and social transformation. David Korten is co-founder and board member/chair emeritus.

The Club of Rome is a network of thought leaders from a rich diversity of expertise, our members are committed to facilitating the difficult conversations and the bold actions required to confront the planetary emergency facing humanity and our common home. Our goal is to actively advocate for paradigm and systems shifts which will enable society to emerge from our current crises, by promoting a new way of being human, within a more resilient biosphere.

The Institute for Ecological Civilization works with allies and global leaders to design solutions for the well-being of people and planet. By convening experts from across the major sectors of society, we catalyze groundbreaking explorations of the ways that current systems and structures need to be transformed. Ultimately, our goal is to work with leaders to shape the policies that, when implemented, will bring about a sustainable, ecological civilization.

The International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation is a platform for international scholars, religious/faith leaders, activists, and humanitarians who are ushering in a purposeful and hopeful vision for humanity, founded on the highest ethical and culturally-informed perspectives. Diverse viewpoints, education, and cross-cultural understanding illuminate this vision of a peaceful, inclusive path of justice, security, and wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) is the leading global collaboration of organizations, alliances, movements, and individuals working together to transform the economic system into one that delivers social justice on a healthy planet. WEAll is a 10-year project that aims to catalyze systems change toward the realization of a Wellbeing Economy.