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August Newsletter: The Great Wealth Illusion

August 29, 2023

SPECIAL: Watch Film & Conversation - "For the Love of Life"

July 20, 2023

July Newsletter: Getting Our Purpose Right

July 20, 2023
June 22, 2023

SPECIAL!  Our Planetary Existential Crisis - for Alternative Radio

September 26, 2022

Humans are a choice-making species with a common future. We are now faced with an epic choice. We can continue to seek marginal adjustments in the culture and institutions of the existing Imperial Civilization characterized by violence, domination, and exploitation that has put us on a path to self-extinction. Or we can navigate a Great Turning to an Ecological Civilization dedicated to restoring the health of living Earth’s regenerative systems while securing material sufficiency and spiritual abundance for all people. Read more...

A Great Turning to an Ecological Civilization cannot be led or imposed by institutions created to secure the relationships of the Imperial Era. Leadership must come from We the People. With no precedent or model to guide us, we must learn as we go, sharing the lessons of our experience as we withdraw our support from the institutions of the old economy and live into being the institutions of a New Economy that aligns with Ecological Civilization’s vision of possibility. Read more...

The outcome of this pivotal time will turn in substantial measure on the economy—the system of culture, institutions, technologies, and infrastructure that shape how we relate to one another and Earth to obtain our means of living. Imperial Civilization’s suicidal death economy fails to fulfill the economy’s essential functions and threatens human viability. Creating the living economy of an Ecological Civilization will require a radical rethinking of what constitutes well-being and how ownership rights and responsibilities are best defined and distributed. Read more...

We look to economics for maps to guide us in structuring and managing the economy to secure our means of living. Focused on individual financial return rather than community well-being, the maps of contemporary egoʹ-nomics guide the exploitation of people and nature to maximize individual private financial return. To achieve the living economy of an Ecological Civilization, we need dynamic living maps from an ecoʹ-nomics that affirm our nature, needs, and responsibilities as members of a living Earth community and guide us in addressing the defining challenges of our time.  Read more…