About the Updated and Expanded Second Edition:

Annie Leonard“Korten brilliantly explains the fundamental flaws in Wall Street’s phantom wealth economy so clearly that it is hard to remember not understanding it before having read this book. Then, even better, he provides a way out of this mess. It’s time for a fundamentally new economic model—Agenda for A New Economy is a much needed roadmap for those ready to get started.”
–Annie Leonard, author and host of The Story of Stuff

David Brancaccio“David Korten pinpoints the solutions to our economic troubles not on Wall Street but on a Main Street near you. He maps out a fascinating alternative path away from risk and bust and toward a wider prosperity. A thought-provoking, comprehensive, and readable reappraisal of the great economic and market challenge of our time.”
—David Brancaccio, PBS host


John Cavanagh “Finally a bold Obama–era agenda that soars above the mild reforms that are grabbing daily headlines and actually meets the daunting challenges posed by the Wall Street and planetary crises. Korten’s agenda offers a fresh and comprehensive new economy framework to solve the problems.
—John Cavanagh, Director of the Institute for Policy Studies and co-editor of Alternatives to Economic Globalization

Frances Moore Lappe“In this new edition of his groundbreaking book, David Korten steps up with a new, practical and energizing guide we all can use to transform today’s economic disaster into a Living Democracy.”
—Frances Moore Lappé, author of Getting a Grip 2 and Diet for a Small Planet


Brian McLaren“Faith communities at their best help us see and believe in what is possible, and help us face inconvenient truths and uncomfortable realities. At their worst, faith communities kill dreams and reinforce fantasies. David Korten’s new book can help all of us who lead and participate in faith communities to fulfill our best potential and stop playing to our worst. It’s urgent, important, clear, and downright inspiring, and it challenges us to pursue what is excellent, mature, and real.”
—Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christianity

Alisa Gravitz“We all know the dominant economy is not working for people or the planet, but don’t know how to get from here to a better way.  What I love about this edition of Agenda for a new Economy is that David Korten brings together previously fragmented ideas about how to move forward into a compelling, cohesive framework for personal, community and government action. This book will get you from ‘yes, but how?’ to ‘yes, and here’s how’. Start reading immediately – our future depends on it.”
—Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director, Green America

James Gustave Speth“David Korten’s second edition of Agenda for the New Economy updates and strengthens an already timely and insightful book. No one has done a better job at bringing together the multiple crises—economic, environmental, social, political—in which we find ourselves today. His vision of the path forward is clear and compelling.”
—James Gustave Speth, former Dean, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science, former Administrator, UNDP, and author of The Bridge at the Edge of the World

About the First Edition

“Korten turns conventional economic thinking upside down and inside out. This book reveals what is really going on in the U.S. and global economies – and what can and should be done about it.”
—Van Jones; author, The Green Collar Economy

“The most important book to emerge thus far on the economic crisis.  David Korten provides real solutions.”
–Peter Barnes, co-founder of Working Assets and author of Capitalism 3.0

“David Korten tells the truth like no one else — a truth our planet needs us to hear.”
—Marjorie Kelly, co-founder, Corporation 20/20; founding editor, Business Ethics magazine; and author of The Divine Right of Capital

“Korten has zeroed in on the real problem of Wall Street and how to stop the plunder and pillaging of our economy.”
—Edward Winslow, founder of Protect Money Investments and author of Blind Faith

“At last, a book by one of our most brilliant economic thinkers that outlines the real causes of—and solutions to—the current economic crisis! David Korten has devoted his professional life to analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the global economic system. Now he draws on his extensive knowledge to inspire us, we the people, to take actions that will create a more just and sustainable world for ourselves and future generations.
—John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and The Secret History of the American Empire

“David Korten has provided an economic blueprint for the 21st century. Just as the global economy crumbles, Korten’s timely plan for a new economy – a locally based living economy – will keep Spaceship Earth on a steady course, while bringing greater equality and strengthening our democratic institutions. And as if that were not enough, it will bring us more joy.”
—Judy Wicks, co-founder and chair, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

“A stirring defense of life and liberty. Guided by the hand of Adam Smith, David Korten paints a spirited picture of a new economy: in bold strokes, from the Earth up, and for all the people. Obama watchers, take note—page after page, redesign trumps reform and shouts, Yes, we can!”
—Raffi Cavoukian, Singer, author, entrepreneur, ecology advocate, founder of Child Honoring

“Once again David Korten has provided us with a clear understanding of why the old economy is driving us and nature to ruin – and a framework for transforming it. Especially in this time of economic meltdown it’s crucial for caring people everywhere to get that patching the tires of a vehicle that’s going over a cliff is neither sane nor acceptable. The financial crisis is a healing crisis and Korten gives us prescriptions that could actually give us a thriving and just economy that works for people and the planet. I hope every reader feels, as I have, a sense of relief at hearing the truth and a renewed passion for civic engagement, now knowing what direction we need to steer our ship.”
—Vicki Robin, co-author, Your Money or Your Life,  cofounder, Conversation Cafes

“Building upon his earlier explorations of economics, history, and psychology, Korten explains why Washington’s response to the current economic crisis is like trying to put a fire out with gasoline, because it actually reinforces the pathological assumptions that got us into the mess to begin with. By outlining a foundational framework for extricating the economy from the clutches of Wall Street and creating a real-wealth New Economy based on Main Street, Korten provides essential guideposts for those working for real change.”
— Charlie Cray, Director of the Center for Corporate Policy

“A great book.  Korten provides solutions far beyond economics. If we care about the health, safety, education, and well-being of our society, and want to create a world with a semblance of social and economic equity, this book is the next big step in that direction.”
—Peter Block, author of Community and Stewardship

“A provocative, succinct call-to-action, challenging us to go beyond illusory solutions to the current economic crisis and confront the basic flaws in the global economic system.”
—James S. Henry, leading investigative journalist, attorney, and former chief economist, McKinsey & Co.