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By Francesca Rheannon, Managing Editor for CSRwire Talk Back (Feb 2009, first edition Agenda)

Agenda “forges a strong vision of a new, democratic capitalism that can revive the economy and sustain humanity… This vision is not unique to David Korten – it’s one a growing number of people are developing and writing about. But he has a knack for messaging it; and, it’s a vision worth living for.

By Maria Reidelbach for Country Wisdom News, Accord, NY (Jan 2011, second edition)

The best book about economics I’ve read so far, by far… fascinating history of the economic system in place in the US today… more importantly, an astounding analysis of our present situation and well drawn ideas for curing the current problems and moving into the future.

By Gary Flomenhoft for Vermont Commons (Feb 2010, first edition)

By John Cavanagh for Huffington Post (Feb 2009, first edition)

By Steven Chapman for Fog City Journal (Mar 2009, first edition)


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