December 2011

David Korten, LEF December 2011 Report

This has been a breakthrough year for the economic transformation movement. Occupy Wall Street, which launched on September 17, 2011 in New York’s Liberty Square broke through the corporate media filter to focus national and global attention on Wall Street as the leading source of systemic malfunction. It has created […]

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December 2016

David Korten, LEF December 2016 Report

Surprise election of Donald Trump, introduction to Ecological Civilization as a transformational frame, and my visit to China to share insights on a living Earth economy for an Ecological Civilization

Humanity is poised between breakthrough and breakdown. Environmental and social system failures are accelerating and the related loss of legitimacy of […]

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Coming Together in Hard Times – May 3

Some of us can look in the mirror in the morning and see someone who is “doing just fine, thank you.” And some of us might see someone in that mirror who is struggling a little (or a lot) in these tough economic times; someone who is losing sleep over an uncertain future, the possibility […]

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Reviews of Agenda for a New Economy

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By Francesca Rheannon, Managing Editor for CSRwire Talk Back (Feb 2009, first edition Agenda)

Agenda “forges a strong vision of a new, democratic capitalism that can revive the economy and sustain humanity… This vision is not unique to David Korten – it’s one a growing number of […]

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UN Yes!—Bretton Woods No!

One World—One Governance System

IFG New York/United Nations Summit Teach-In, September 5, 2000 

Presentation by David C. Korten

The United Nations was founded in 1945 with a mandate to secure a long standing human dream of peace, justice, and prosperity for all people. The UN’s founders chose to open the UN charter […]

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