The draft essay “Living Economies for a Living Planet” stimulated a lively exchange with a number of colleagues. The following are selected excerpts that bring new insights and highlight a variety of issues for further examination. 

Betty Quick. Recalls how the local living economy of the community in which she lived as a child provided a good living for her friends and neighbors even during the great depression of the 1930s.

Joanna Macy. Comments on key concepts from the essay.

Richard Perl. Suggests additional concepts, ideas, and points needing elaboration. 

Elisabet Sahtouris. Reflection on the issues. 

Tom Atlee I. More than a commentary, this response from Tom Atlee to the “Living Economies” essay is an extended essay in its own right that takes the discussion to a next level of sophistication. Includes extensive additional links to relevant sources dealing with the evolution of consciousness and culture.

Tom Atlee II. Responses to Richard Perl’s inputs with reactions from Korten.

Judy Wicks. Commentary. Includes comments on the state of the socially responsible business movement and a report on action initiatives toward growing living economy networks into being the Philadelphia area and nationally.

Sarah van Gelder. Critical feedback on discussion of the Era of Empire, biological success, Cultural Creatives, and making the economy a central focus of the discussion.

Ernie Lowe. Critical comments from an industrial ecologist on the use of biological analogies, plus two essays dealing with frameworks of industrial ecology.
    Elisabet Sahtouris. Response to Ernie Lowe commentary
    Tom Atlee. Response to Ernie Lowe commentary
    David C. Korten. Response to Ernie Lowe commentary