Learning Locally to Act Globally

PCDForum Paradigm Warrior Profile #7 Release Date April 15, 1997

Interview with Antonio “Tony” Quizon, by David C. Korten

Tony Quizon is executive director of the Asian NGO Coalition (ANGOC), a major Asian regional association of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and NGO consortium bodies. Tony began his development career as a community organizer working with Philippine farmers and […]

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A Political and Spiritual Awakening of Humanity

Talk presented to the conference on "Engaging the World With
Compassion," presented by the Learning Alliance, Voices 21, SEVA
Foundation, & The Rene Dubos Consortium for Sacred Ecology at the Cathedral
of St. John the Divine, New York City, Friday, January 17, 1997.

by David C. Korten

We are here to celebrate and affirm the unfolding of a profound
political […]

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The Responsibility of Business to the Whole

A PCDForum Paper Release Date May 20, 1997

This article was written in memory of Willis W. Harman —
philosopher, teacher, writer, futurist, and president of the Institute of Noetic
Science, as well as my teacher, mentor, and friend for some 35 years — who
died of brain cancer on January 30, 1997. Willis long held two central beliefs
about […]

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Money as a Social Disease

A PCDForum Paper Release Date May 20, 1997

by David C. Korten

In the history of capitalism’s long expansionary cycles, it is finance
capital that usually rules in the final stage, displacing the inventors and
industrialists who launched the era, eclipsing the power of governments to
manage the course of economic events. …Since returns on capital are rising
faster than the […]

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PCDForum Paradigm Warrior Profile #4
Release date November 1, 1996

Interviewed by David C. Korten

Nicky Perlas heads the Center for Alternative Development Initiatives (CADI) based in Quezon City, Philippines and manages Ikapati Farms, a bio-dynamic agriculture demonstration farm run as a for-profit commercial enterprise. In an earlier incarnation, Nicky farmed a 200 hectare chemical intensive farm producing […]

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DATE: July 4, 1997
TO: H.E. Mr. Razali Ismail, President of the UN General Assembly
SUBJECT: Subsidizing corporate takeover
PAGES: 3 pages (including cover page)
FROM:David C. Korten
Thanks for including me in the Corporate Roundtable luncheon last Tuesday. The food was great and witnessing the proceedings was an instructive experience.

I send this fax in follow-up to that lunch and […]

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Solutions Via Global Dialogue

PCDForum Article #21 Release Date May 20, 1997

by Willis W. Harman

Our best hope for the future lies in a global dialogue. As a society we’re
not serious enough about planning for the future. Either we tend to treat
matters at a superficial level and not go deeply enough, or we pursue a piece of
a problem when a […]

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Building Alliances Among India’s Popular Movements

PCDForum Paradigm Warrior Profile #6 Release Date May 20, 1997

Interview with Smitu Kothari, by David C. Korten

Smitu Kothari is an editor of the Lokayan Bulletin published by the Lokayan (“Dialogue of the People”) group in Delhi, India. He also co-edits Ecologist Asia with Vandana Shiva, Claude Alvares, and Bittu Sahgal, is currently writing two books, […]

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PCDForum Article #20,   Release Date May 20, 1997

by David C. Korten

Proponents of market liberalism claim the free market is the essential foundation of political
democracy–a guarantor of the rights of people against the abuse of state power. They neglect,
however, the important ways in which the unfettered market tends to function as a profoundly
undemocratic institution.

Political democracy […]

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