March 2024 Newsletter – SPECIAL! News from David Korten

March 29, 2024

Dear Friends,

With this special newsletter I am launching my just-released paper – “Eco-nomics for an Ecological Civilization” – presenting a framework for a new economics grounded in our deepening understanding of life and our distinctive human nature and potential.

What we now call […]

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Money: Taming the Wild Card

A wild card, often called a joker, is a playing card that has no value of its own but can be used to represent any other card, thus assuming the value of that card. We might think of money, most of which is nothing but a number on a piece of paper or a computer […]

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Democratic Capitalism

Ownership debates usually center on a choice between capitalism (private ownership) and socialism (government ownership). They largely avoid the foundational question: Is power shared and accountable to We the People—all the people? Similarly, discussions of individual rights, including rights of ownership, rarely note that all rights necessarily come with responsibilities.

The African Ubuntu Principle (“I […]

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How Ego’-nomics Misleads Us

Economists claim their assessments are based on settled science. Yet the assumptions underlying their assessments are contradicted by both logic and real-world observation.

The Nobel Laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz suggests that economics, as currently taught and practiced, is less a science than “…the West’s prevailing religion.” Mainstream economists bear major responsibility for promoting what Pope Francis […]

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