Capitalism vs. Socialism Is a False Choice

We need true democracy if we’re to halt the slide into self-extinction.

(Commentary originally published by YES! Magazine, posted Feb 7, 2019)
This is part two of a two-part series. See part one here.

Economic power is—and always has been—the foundation of political power. Those who control the peoples’ means of living rule.

In a […]

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The Democracy Imperative

There is one cause that can and must unite us all. 

(Originally published by YES! Magazine, October 11, 2017)

The Las Vegas massacre focused national attention once again on the National Rifle Association’s ability to thwart democracy and the desire of an overwhelming majority of Americans, […]

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PCDForum Article # 17 Release Date March 10, 1996

by Maude Barlow

Many people know about how the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
force developing countries into the unregulated free-market global economy by a
process of structural adjustment. Countries seeking new loans to meet old debt
obligations must privatize social security, deregulate their transportation and
resource sectors, allow transnational […]

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PCDForum Article #6,  Release Date February 1, 1994

By David C. Korten

Much of the world has rejoiced in recent years at the important gains that democracy has made around the world. Yet few people are aware that the world’s governments are at this very moment falling in line to ratify an international agreement that could seriously […]

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Renewing the American Experiment

by David Korten

Something must happen so as to touch the hearts and souls of men that they will come together, not because the law says it, but because it is natural and right.

     — Martin Luther King, Stride Toward Freedom, 1958

The American Experiment is being placed in peril by a small […]

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American Plutocracy

A plutocracy is a system of rule by people of wealth, which describes our situation in the United States far more accurately than the term democracy. We have been an Empire ruled as a plutocracy since our founding. This is David Korten’s video commentary on American Plutocracy and the transition to Deep Democracy.

White Men of […]

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