Newsletter – November 17, 2023
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This page has been updated with the link to the recording of the webinar. 

Dear Friends,

Mark your calendars for an important and timely event! This webinar is especially timely, given the recent talks between the United States and China to improve communication and explore common interests, including restarting climate talks.

On Tuesday, November 28 (5:00pm Pacific), David will join colleagues from China, South Korea, and the U.S. for an “East and West Dialogue on Ecological Civilization,” hosted by Earth Charter International. 🌏🌎

About the webinar: Many people around the world, including civil society, scientists, youth, and policymakers are concerned about the future of our common home and the choices we must make today to ensure that we change our course and stop contributing to our current planetary crises. To do this, all decision-makers, including governments, the private sector, and individuals must come together to achieve our global goals for sustainability, justice and peace, guided by common values. Through this intercultural dialogue, we will explore what it means to work towards an ecological civilization and what we can learn from the knowledge we have and what we have accomplished so far.  

Noteworthy …

“The Earth Charter International, based in Costa Rica, now uses Ecological Civilization to name the future the Charter defines.”

Watch for David’s essay, “Ecological Civilization: Naming and Creating the Future We Want,” in our next newsletter. For more than 23 years, the Earth Charter has played an important and major role in the framing of an ecological civilization and the education/engagement of the international community.