Subject: Re: Ernie Lowe’s Critique
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 14:43:55 -0700
From: Elisabet Sahtouris

I do agree with my friend Ernie Lowe’s critique re people using biological metaphors and models superficially. Unfortunately most of them don’t even understand the intelligence of living systems in evolution. I do not believe we are using them inappropriately or superficially–it only appears that way because we are here presenting only brief overviews of the position we are working out, not detailed analyses using biological models.

Ernie says: They say, we still understand relatively little about the dynamics of ecosystems. Trying to use that understanding as a basis for modeling complex human systems is an error.

It could only be an error if you assume human systems are NOT living systems. I believe it will turn out that our current economies are very much like the behavior of other competitive, acquisitive, immature species.

Ernie: The three stages of ecosystem succession model was developed in research on temperate forests and ecologists now see that in actuality succession in all ecosystems is a far more complex and less linear process.

I certainly agree with this statement. In their model they see species replacing each other, rather than changing over time (evolving) by learning to get along harmoniously, for one thing.

Ernie: The metaphor seems to have led you to a logical error in this article. At one point you describe the pioneer species as being a response to some level of disaster. Doesn’t that suggest that the present rolling disaster we’re experiencing on Earth is setting the stage for a new wave of pioneer “species” rather than favoring the species of a mature living economy?

If we wipe ourselves and other species out, it certainly will do exactly that, Ernie. But I’m banking on our own rapid creative response to the crises we have created in order to turn the disaster around. The re-growth of Fascism right now is the old system trying to shore itself up against its own collapse and “replacement” by those of us learning to do things differently–in a more mature and humane way.

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