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The 2018 Seoul International Forum on the Northeast Four Boroughs, based on a commitment to increase ecological sustainability of the region at large, while also improving the residents’ economic conditions, offers an opportunity to propose and discuss visions for the direction and strategy for urban regeneration.

The first half of the forum, “Ecological Urban Regeneration,” will introduce the national trends in urban ecological transition, and discuss those strategies and paths most appropriate for the characteristics of the region. The second part, “Workshop on Governance, Resilience & Local Empowerment,” will discuss governance for ecological city regeneration, community participation and empowerment, as well as the potential for international correspondence and collaboration.

David will deliver a keynote speech, “Key Elements of Ecological Civilization: Locality & Resilience,”  at 1:40pm, and participate in a Round-Up Discussion with colleagues at 5:00pm.

This conference is hosted by the NE Seoul Center for Urban Regeneration and Hanshin Graduate School of Social Innovation & Business.

Read more about the conference here…

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