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Under the theme, “Ecological Transformation on the Korean Peninsula and East Asia”, the conference, hosted by People for Earth Forum, has two main goals:

  1.  To examine the efforts of various areas such as global environmental protection, social economy and sustainable cities as parts of the big forest that is ecological civilization, and to create various meanings by sharing goals.
  2. To link the changes in East Asia, especially the Korean peninsula, China and Japan to the values and practices of an ecological civilization, and in turn creating an opportunity for global citizens to establish a “fellowship of light.”

Participants will search for answers to the following questions:

  • What can we do to positively integrate the changes of this great transition into a journey toward the realization of an ecological civilization?
  • Will the rapidly advancing science & technology and a sustainable future of the global community be able to converge at some point?
  • What values and practices are expected of East Asia and the global community in light of the great transition taking place on the Korean peninsula?
  • What system changes should go hand in hand with the ecological awakening within ourselves and the social culture?
  • Will we be able to create subjects, bodies and individuals that match the new values and lifestyles?

David’s presentation, “Systems for a Living Earth”,  is scheduled for 9:00am on Saturday, Oct 13.

More details about the conference here…

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