Report from Norway – Fall 2016

This year most of my time I have spent on trying to stop our blue-blue government from destroying our local municipalities through its profit oriented municipality reform. I will write more about that in the last part of this report.


A couple of weeks ago I […]

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Report from Norway – Fall 2013

During the last months, most of the public discussion in Norway has been concentrated on our national election of members of Parliament and the establishing of a new national government. I shall in this report analyze the election and the new government […]

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Report from Norway – February 2013

New Economy Forum Seminar

Inspired by a suggestion from David, when we had our Skype talk early in 2012, we have developed a Norwegian New Economy Forum. We had our first meeting in the Forum on the 5th May 2012, which I have […]

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Report from Norway – August 2012

Since earlier this year, I have given several presentations of my understanding of the New Economy framework and have received a great response to the message.

One key Norwegian NGO, literally translated called Sustainable Everyday, is well respected among all main political stands […]

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