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The Great Wealth Illusion

Newsletter –  August 29, 2023
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Dear Friends,

Having recently celebrated my 86th birthday, I’m focused on what I want to accomplish in what time remains to me. With that in mind, my current priority is completing a white paper framing an “Eco-nomics for an Ecological Civilization.”

The underlying thesis is both simple […]

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The UN’s Unsustainable Development Goals

This article was written, by invitation, for the FEZANA (Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America) Journal, Vol. 34, No. 3  Fall/September 2020.

Poverty is not a new issue and ending it is not a new cause. In his January 1949 inaugural address, President Harry Truman launched the U.S. foreign aid program, then called Point Four, […]

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Money Is…

Ask an economist “What is Money?” and the answer will likely be: “A medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a storehouse of value.” As a unit of account, money is useful in facilitating the market exchange of goods and services. Used for this purpose, money is one of humanity’s most important and beneficial […]

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Systemic Debt Slavery

Debt slavery is an ancient institution that traces back to the beginning of Empire. In earlier times, it was more explicit and visible, because it was more personal. The hapless borrower became the bonded servant or slave of the lender—a condition that prevails today in many low-income countries. In the contemporary United States, it is […]

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Good Debt; Bad Debt

The debt-based money system that is the foundation of Wall Street’s control of the economy and society is based on an underlying logic. So long as its practice is true to that logic, the debt model of money creation can be a driving engine of real-wealth production—up to the point at which the economy encounters […]

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Tricked By Hermes

When I step back and look at the incredible mismatch between the economic system we have and the economic system we need, I find myself wondering whether we humans are victims of a dangerous spell induced by a mischievous Greek God. Here is the story as I imagine it: The Greek Gods are meeting in council on Mount Olympus to discuss what to do about those silly humans down on that little planet called Earth...

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