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Lessons from Life’s Journey

To create an economy that works in co-creative partnership with the other organisms that comprise Earth’s biosphere, we must apply the same system design principles embodied in the biosphere’s self-organizing systems.

  1. Self-organize without central command and control
  2. Be frugal and sharing
  3. Organize around place-based communities
  4. Reward cooperation
  5. Manage your boundaries
  6. Bank on diversity, creative individuality, […]
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Living Economies Design Elements

Through a largely non-consensual process we humans have created an economic system with characteristics that most resemble those of a cancerous tumor. The challenge before us is to heal ourselves by eliminating the cancer and restore healthy by creating an economic system that mimics the structure and dynamics of a healthy ecosystem.

It turns out that […]

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Globalization as a Natural Evolutionary Process

by Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D.
(for the 3rd issue of newsletter, The Bridge)

Globalization, from the perspective of an evolution biologist, is the natural, inevitable, and even desirable process by which humanity matures as a species, shifting from the competitive, acquisitive mode of a juvenile species to the cooperative, […]

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