The Essential Corporate Transition

May 23, 2024

Dear Friends,

Although it sometimes seems like just yesterday, my book When Corporations Rule the World was released into the world in 1995—29 years ago. It remains the book for which I am best known. Available in many languages and addressing questions much on people’s minds, the book quickly became an international best seller.

The world was […]

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How Philanthropists Can Make A Real Difference

Newsletter – October 31, 2023
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Dear Friends,

The message of this newsletter is directed to the wealthy philanthropists who are committing billions of dollars to creating a better world. While your generosity is impressive, if you really want to make a difference, I urge you to look beyond ameliorating the […]

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Getting Our Purpose Right

Newsletter –  July 20, 2023
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Dear Friends,

Our June 17 newsletter announced the world premiere of the 30-minute film, “For the Love of Life: Finding Our Way to An Ecological Civilization,” produced and directed by Audrey Kitagawa, my longtime friend, colleague, and world interfaith leader. The film features […]

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From the Theory of the Firm to a Theory of the Community

We humans organize around shared narratives, theories of reality, that guide us in making critical collective choices. When societies get their shared narrative wrong, they can make disastrously self-destructive choices. As a global society, we face a momentous choice we must get right. And our current narrative is fatally flawed.

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