The Sustainable Project: A Contradiction

PCDForum Column #11 Release Date April 12, 1991

by David C. Korten

A few years ago a major multi-agency study of foreign aid
observed that from two-thirds to three-fourths of development projects funded by official foreign donors are judged
by the donor to be satisfactory at the time project implementation is completed and the donor withdraws. Only
rarely do donors […]

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Development Cooperation: Some Basic Issues

PCDForum Column #10 Release Date March 4, 1991

by Ron Léger

Humankind has made extraordinary advances in the past
few decades in science and technology, and in its ability
to tap the riches of Earth’s ecology. These advances allow
a few of us to live in a style that once would have been the
envy of kings and queens. Unfortunately, however, […]

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Leadership for Transformation: Lessons from the Gulf War

PCDForum Column #9 Release Date March 1, 1991

by David C. Korten

As voluntary organizations around the world re-examine
their development roles and accept a greater responsibility
for reshaping development policies, they are confronting
a harsh reality. Not only is our existing political leadership
failing to acknowledge the true nature of our global crisis,
it is actively and aggressively committing us to […]

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Sustainable Development: Reflections on Japan’s Role

December 3, 1991

David C. Korten
The People-Centered Development Forum

The world’s official development institutions are currently pursuing policies
based on invalid assumptions about
economic growth, a globalized world
economy, and international assistance.
These policies are the antithesis of
those appropriate to sustainable development. Our new orientation must
recognize that the current level of
human economic activity has filled the
earth’s available ecological space.

Further improvements […]

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Environment and Industrial Development: The Asian Reality

PCDForum Column #25,    Release date December 5, 1991

by Janet Hunt

Behind the current debate on environment and development
lies a basic question. What kind of development? While the
world’s governments seem studiously committed to not
asking, I believe that responsible nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) concerned with environmental and social
issues must raise this question publicly and call for honest
debate. Indeed growing […]

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The Hope and Challenge of People’s Forum 1991

PCDForum Column #23    Release date December 1, 1991

by David C. Korten

From October 14-17, 1991, the directors of the World
Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) met in
Bangkok, Thailand’s elegant international conference
center to set the future directions of the global economy.
Many enthusiastically pointed to Thailand as demonstrating
the success of the export-led growth model based on
opening national […]

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Ecological Stability, Social Justice and Foreign Assistance

PCDForum Column #21   Release date December 1, 1991

by Smitu Kothari

Many foreign assistance agencies have recently proclaimed new commitments to

the environment and to democratization. These are essential priorities of the

1990s, but to date only a minuscule percentage of assistance from Japan, the

United States, Western Europe, the Soviet Union and the multilateral agencies

has enhanced environmental sustainability […]

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NGOS and the Electoral Process: Philippine Perspectives

PCDForum Column #19,   Release Date August 15, 1991

by Florencio "Butch" Abad

Many of us in the Philippine NGO sector currently find ourselves in a state

of transition in our relationship to national electoral processes. The context

of that transition is a political tug-of-war between the old oligarchic politics

of elite privilege and a new politics of social justice […]

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International Assistance: A Problem Posing as a Solution

Published in Development, 1991:3/4, pp. 87-94
by the Society for International Development

David C. Korten
The People-Centered Development Forum

This article builds from the arguments set
forward in David C. Korten, “Development as Transformation: Voluntary
Action in the 1990s,”
That article argued that pursuit of a growth-centered development
vision has led to a growing global crisis
of deepening poverty, […]

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Latin America: Free Trade is Not the Answer

PCDForum Column #14 Release Date July 1, 1991

by Robin Broad, John Cavanagh, and Walden Bello

Washington is offering Latin American countries the carrot
of increased access to North American markets if they
continue repaying their debts and agree to a development
strategy that emphasizes private enterprise, removal of
trade barriers, and the opening of their economies to
foreign investment. Essentially, the Bush […]

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