Column #1: Liamzon, Philippine NGOs in the 1990s: Six Trends

Column #2: Korten, Development Education is the Priority

Column #3: Korten, Enriching the Rich to Help the Poor

Column #4: Korten, Development as Transformation: The Agenda

Column #5: F. Stephen, “From NGO-Centered to People-Centered Development: The Case of India”

Column #6: F. Stephen, “Drought: NGO Response to India’s Crisis of the 1990s”

Column #7: Anwar Fazal, “Citizen Action, Networks and Global Change”


PCDForum Paper #1: David C. Korten, “NGO Strategic Networks: From Community Projects to Global Transformation,” This paper was prepared for the Asian Regional Workshop on Strategic Networking for Sustainable Development and Environmental Action, 26–30 November 1990, Bangkok, Thailand sponsored by the Asian NGO Coalition, the Institute for Development Research, the International Union of Consumer Organizations, and the People-Centered Development Forum.

PCDForum Paper #2: David C. Korten “Development as Transformation: Voluntary Action in the 1990s. Published in SID Development, 1990:3/4, pp. 170-73.