Agenda for a New Economy

Table of Contents, 2nd edition 


Prologue: A Question of Values

PART I: The Case for a New Economy

  1.  Looking Upstream 
  2.  Modern Alchemists and the Sport of Moneymaking 
  3.  A Real-Market Alternative 
  4.  More Than Tinkering at the Margins

PART II: The Case for Replacing Wall Street

  5.  What Wall Street Really Wants 
  6.  Buccaneers and Privateers 
  7.  The High Cost of Phantom Wealth 
  8.  The End of Empire 
  9.   Greed Is Not a Virtue; Sharing Is Not a Sin 

PART III: A Living-Economy Vision

10.  What People Really Want 
11.  At Home on a Living Earth 
12.  New Vision, New Priorities

PART IV:  A Living-Economy Agenda

13.  Seven Points of Intervention 
14.  What About My...?  
15.  A Presidential Declaration of Independence from Wall Street I Hope I May One Day Hear

PART V: Navigating Uncharted Waters 

16.  When the People Lead, the Leaders Will Follow 
17.  A Visionary President Meets Realpolitik 
18.  Change the Story, Change the Future 
19. Learning to Live, Living to Learn

Epilogue: The View from 2084

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