In May, 2022, David was invited by our friends at Alternative Radio to record his talk, “Our Planetary Existential Crisis,” for broadcast on affiliate public radio stations in July and again in September. The response was so positive (see some comments, below) – and thanks to the generosity of Alternative Radio – the recording and the PDF are now available to the general public at no change.  (For a small tax-deductible contribution to support Alternative Radio, you can also access the recording, PDF, and CD on the AR website.)

Listen to the program here, with David Barsamian’s introduction –

And read/download the PDF HERE…

Some of the Comments from radio listeners:

  • Beyond Brilliant
  • As I was thinking of starting to trim my huge IV hedge before the heat took over for the day, I turned on my old radio. When I heard David Korten’s talk I had to sit down to listen. It stopped me from thinking about my chores. A total Show Stopper!!! It’s a truth-telling wakeup call for everyone on this planet. I will share his talk with many others. I was totally captivated. Thank you!
  • I am 75, and I need to add an automobile to my bicycle, bus and walking. Listening to David Korten this evening, I have made the determination to only purchase an electric vehicle. I want to study his lecture in order to continue changing myself and encourage others to change.
  • Listened today 6.17.22 on KRZA 88.7 – The best ever, over the top slam dunk! Thank you all
  • One of the most brilliant and comprehensive talks I’ve ever heard. Korten is amazing.

Please share widely and engage the conversation!