November 2013

Dear Friends,

The transition to a New Economy is gaining momentum!  It’s an exiciting time to be part of this movement, with more and more people engaged in conversations about the Sacred Earth Community story, new coalitions and grassroots initiatives gaining traction, and signs of growing public awareness.

David is eager to connect with our Bay Area friends when he speaks on “A Sacred Story and a New Economic Paradigm,” on Friday, November 15, at a public event hosted by the Sophia Center for Culture and Spirituality at Holy Names University in Oakland.  More details…

Among the latest developments we’re excited about, National People’s Action recently released their Long Term Agenda to a New Economy, an important touchstone, we think, to guide the major transformation of our economic system, its institutions and policies.

And, we’re inspired to learn about more young people on the move, demanding more from their education and creating their own new stories about the economy. Rethinking Economics, “an international network of young economics students, thinkers and writers who are organising to create fresh economic narratives,” was launched in London, in June.

Our colleague in Norway, Jacob Bomann-Larsen, reports on his many contributions to the growing interest in the New Economy framework in the Nordic countries, including insights regarding the recent elections in Norway and national politics. Read Jacob’s report here…

See below for more links to stories we think you’ll like.

Until next time, thank you, for your work in the world.

Kat Gjovik
Outreach and Communication
Living Economies Forum

Links of Note

It’s a Story Problem: One of David’s recent blog posts for YES! Magazine – “We humans live by stories and have a particularly passionate need for stories that give our lives meaning and direction—sacred stories that serve as our guide to what is important and worthy of our respect and care.Read more…

New Economy Coalition (NEC): In addition to their work with the Campus Network, the New Economics Institute continues to bring together organizations and individuals with their sights set on building an alternative economic system “that is restorative to people, place, and planet, and that operates according to principles of democracy, justice and appropriate scale.” Check out their list…

From YES! Magazine: The outcome of current policy debates, most of which, if not all, are related to economic issues, hinge upon the interests and worldviews of “negotiators” who come to the table. James Trimarco, web editor at YES!, takes the Trans Pacific Partnership trade negotiations – and the New York Times – to task. Read more…

Lokalekonomernas nätverk: Writer/photographer and our friend in Sweden, Hans Månsson, wrote the follow-on summary documentation from the Living Local Economies conference for Nordic countries in Åre, Sweden in June, organized by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Videos and PowerPoint presentations are available HERE.

Story of Solutions: David calls this latest video in the Story of Stuff series “brilliant!” What if we focused on “better” instead of “more”?

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The fact that the business-as-usual pursuit of profits and growth is destabilising life on earth is no longer something we need to read about in scientific journals. The early signs are unfolding before our eyes.

Naomi Klein
How Science is Telling Us All to Revolt
NewStatesman, 29 October, 2013