Success in navigating the Great Turning from Empire to Earth Community depends on facing up to the extent to which the crisis is a consequence of deep social and institutional pathology.

More Than Technology

Although green technologies will have an essential role, there is no technological fix. The fate of our children turns on our current irrevocable choice between two contrasting ways of relating to one another and Earth.

The Way of Empire features a pyramid of coercive power based on principles of domination and exclusionary private accumulation. It is the way of domination, greed, violence, wasted lives and environmental devastation. Left in place, it is destined to play out as a last man standing imperial competition for what remains of Earth’s natural bounty.

The Way of Earth Community features self-organizing networks based on principles of parthership and a cooperative sharing of Earth’s resources to create a world that works for all. It is the way of partnership, sharing, reconciliation, mutual responsibility, and respect for all life.

How we choose will determine whether those who follow us will refer to our time as the Great Turning or the Great Unraveling.

The Window Is Fast Closing

We have very little time relative to the magnitude of what we must accomplish. We must act with all due speed and determination on the assumption that a narrow window of opportunity remains open to us. To assume that it is too late is to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. The very act of spreading hope that change is possible creates a positive energy and intention that expands the window.

Fortunately the same steps we must take to avoid potentially terminal social and environmental collapse are the same steps we must take to mitigate the damage and to create the world that most all the world’s people truly want. The one thing we know for certain is that business as usual creates a significant risk of terminal social and environmental collapse and bars the realization of our shared dream.