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David will take part in what promises to be a lively panel discussion – “Interconnecting the Elements of Global Transformation.” View via Zoom or live stream on YouTube; it’s FREE to the public. Register for this session at the Unfolding Schedule by scrolling down to the June 11 event.

The Global Solutions Summit, hosted by Ubiquity University, streams a daily program through the month of August. “The goal of the Summit is to create an international coalition strong enough to transform conversations that matter into actions that make a difference.”

Panelists, led by Kurt Johnson (co-author, The Coming Interspiritual Age, bridging evolutionary science, comparative religion and activism), include: Xiye Bastida (climate activist and youth leader, Fridays For Future USA); Geraldine Ann Patrick Encina (Center for Earth Ethics); Steve Farrell (Humanity’s Team – Global Oneness and Conscious Business); Diane Williams (Source of Synergy Foundation and the Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution; David Sloan Wilson (evolutionary biologist and co-founder of ProSocial); and Claudia Welss, (Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

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