August 16, 2012

Dear Friends,

First – the breaking news about America’s Deficit Attention Disorder. It’s not a typo – it’s David’s latest blog post for YES! Magazine. He takes on the financial deficit that monopolizes the political debate and the upside-down American priorities that put money, corporate interests, and property rights above the needs of people and the Earth that sustains all life. Read it here. We welcome your comments – and hope you’ll share it with your friends.

Also in this newsletter, David provides some background regarding the focus of his current work and what’s to come, and we make a special announcement regarding our New Economy ambassador in Scandinavia. You’ll also find an extraordinary interview for The Conversation project, a note on two auspicious Korten family milestones, and a few links to exciting developments from our colleagues in the New Economy movement.

Thank you for all you do!

Kat Gjovik
Outreach and Communication
Living Economies Forum

Message From David: Sacred Earth and the Rights of Nature

You may have noticed a focus in my recent YES! blogs on Sacred Earth and the Rights of Nature—key themes of an emerging public debate about fundamental values. It comes down to a defining question: “Will we organize as a global society around financial values and logic or life values and logic?” More…

New Economy Follow in Norway

We are pleased to announce that Jacob Bomann-Larsen, based in Oslo, has been named as a Fellow of the Living Economies Forum to serve as our ambassador to the Scandinavian countries. Since early this year, Jacob has been stirring up interest in the New Economy vision and framework with individuals and organizations in Norway. As a result, the forward-thinking Norwegian Forum for New Economy has been established.
Read more…

The Conversation

We’re thrilled to share this extraordinary interview, part of a thought-provoking series that very well earns its name – The Conversation. It’s a collaborative project of Aengus Anderson, who hosted and recorded the interview with David on July 5, and his co-host, Micah Saul. Aengus writes, “Our conversation covered a broad range of topics from economics to ecology, cultural myths to systems thinking.”  Listen here…(it’s about 45 minutes).

(Image by Eleanor Davis )

Personal Milestones

At the end of July, two significant milestones were celebrated by the Korten’s family and friends: David and Fran celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 28 and David marked his 75th birthday on July 30.

It’s been an extraordinary life partnership and world adventure for David and Fran, who set out together in 1962 to change the world; indeed, they continue to succeed in that mission.

Links of Note

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