Zenobia Jeffries Warfield, executive editor of YES! Magazine, engaged David in a conversation for the Spring 2021 issue of YES!  The theme for this special 25th anniversary issue is “What an ecological civilization looks like.”

With permission, their conversation is published here.  

Zenobia’s introduction:
It was my pleasure to converse with YES! co-founder David Korten in our weeks-long preparation for an interview that spans his 83 years on the planet and all the experiences and ideas that led him to co-found YES! Magazine 25 years ago. David evolved from a self-described “conservative young Republican” who traveled the world hoping to “save” other cultures from communism, to a collaborative thought leader who calls out the outsized influence of corporations and passionately advocates for global societies to move toward an ecological civilization.  On that subject, he is the author of many books, including When Corporations Rule the World. The way in which David has opened himself over the past several decades to unfolding, emerging, and relearning offers a model for all of us.

She begins the conversation…
A lot of folks have referred to 2020 as an unprecedented time. But we can look to recent history, even, and see that there’s much precedent for what’s going on right now. Though there is this convergence where all the things are happening at once. How would you describe it?


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