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When Economic Growth Indicates Failure

For the well-being of most everyone – including the rich – equality is more important than growth. 

(This commentary was originally published by YES! Magazine, January 19, 2018)

Nothing can be duller than listening to an economist or other policy expert pontificate endlessly on such metrics as gross domestic product, stock market prices, employment, […]

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The Democracy Imperative

There is one cause that can and must unite us all. 

(Originally published by YES! Magazine, October 11, 2017)

The Las Vegas massacre focused national attention once again on the National Rifle Association’s ability to thwart democracy and the desire of an overwhelming majority of Americans, […]

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Let’s Talk About What We Really Want From Tax Reform

The Trump/Republican tax cut proposal is an opportunity to discuss how to redistribute wealth and power. 

(Originally published by YES! Magazine, October 4, 2017)

As Donald Trump and the Republicans turn national attention to their tax reform agenda, we confront a debate defined by familiar questions. Will the proposed tax code […]

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For the Love of Earth

The Earth mother that birthed and nurtures us may now need us as much as we need her. 

(Originally published by YES! Magazine, August 23, 2017)

On July 9, New York magazine published “The Uninhabitable Earth,” a worst-case climate change scenario suggesting that our current human course may produce an unlivable future for Earth. A […]

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