December 2011

David Korten, LEF December 2011 Report

This has been a breakthrough year for the economic transformation movement. Occupy Wall Street, which launched on September 17, 2011 in New York’s Liberty Square broke through the corporate media filter to focus national and global attention on Wall Street as the leading source of systemic malfunction. It has created […]

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December 2012

David Korten, LEF December 2012 Report

Reviewing my 2011 report and its statement of 2012 expectations was a useful reminder of how fast the context is shifting and how quickly we must continue to adapt as opportunities shift. Last year at this time, we were in an exploratory mode, scanning for new openings and opportunities to […]

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December 2013

David Korten, LEF December 2013 Report

A planned cutback in travel and conventional media appearances freed time and energy to push the boundaries of New Economy thought and action through writing, electronic networking, and exploratory engagements.

One defining development of 2013 has been the broad public attention that the Occupy Movement has drawn to inequality, reinforced by […]

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December 2014

David Korten, LEF December 2014 Report

Our 2014 focus was on preparing for the publication and promotion of two books, advancing the living Earth theme through public outreach, and further refining New Economy frames through NEWGroup.

Our current LEF priority is to advance awareness that changing the underlying cultural meta-story of global society is an essential, yet […]

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December 2015

David Korten, LEF December 2015 Report

A year of transition involving completion of two book projects, personal downsizing, and movement upscaling.

This has been a significant year of accomplishment and transition for the New Economy movement and for the Living Economies Forum (LEF). Each day, the urgency of the transformational transition to a New Economy based on […]

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December 2016

David Korten, LEF December 2016 Report

Surprise election of Donald Trump, introduction to Ecological Civilization as a transformational frame, and my visit to China to share insights on a living Earth economy for an Ecological Civilization

Humanity is poised between breakthrough and breakdown. Environmental and social system failures are accelerating and the related loss of legitimacy of […]

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Agenda for a Green Economy

David Korten                                  PDF Format
Keynote presentation to Green Party US National Conference
August 5, 2011, Alfred University, Alfred, New York via Skype

Greetings to those gathered at Alfred University and those watching via live streaming across the country. […]

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