Agenda for a Green Economy

David Korten                                  PDF Format
Keynote presentation to Green Party US National Conference
August 5, 2011, Alfred University, Alfred, New York via Skype

Greetings to those gathered at Alfred University and those watching via live streaming across the country. […]

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Spiritual Awakening, a New Economy, and the End of Empire

Presentation at the Trinity Institute 39th National Theological Conference, “Radical Abundance: A Theology of Sustainability”, in New York City, January 21-23, 2009.

It is an exceptional privilege to speak in this historic church to this distinguished gathering of religious leaders and to the many who join us through the wonder of electronic technology. Of […]

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Southeast Asia Contribution to the Earth Charter

This document was drawn from the contributions of the participants of the "Southeast Asia Regional Consultation on a People's Agenda for Environmentally Sustainable Development: Towards UNCED and Beyond" and ratified at a plenary session on 2 December 1991 at SEARCA, Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines.

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Column #82: David C. Korten, “A Political and Spiritual Awakening.” Human survival depends on taking the an epic step toward accepting responsibility for humanity’s role in shaping the evolution of life on planet earth.


Article #20: David C. Korten “Rights of Money Versus Rights of Living Persons.” We must rethink our concept […]

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Column #75: Peggy Antrobus, "Third World Women Challenge the
international women’s movement, led by Third World women, is mobilizing to
take on the global economy as a feminist issue.

: Robert D. Putnam,
"Social Capital."
Reports findings of a study of regional governments in […]

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