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YES! Column – Why a Just and Sustainable Economy Looks Like a Doughnut

This is the real-world economy for a living Earth that we must learn to structure and manage to provide a safe space for humanity.

(Originally published by YES! Magazine, May 3, 2017)

I see a lot of books presuming to explain what’s wrong with the economy and what to do about it. Rarely […]

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Money Is…

Ask an economist “What is Money?” and the answer will likely be: “A medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a storehouse of value.” As a unit of account, money is useful in facilitating the market exchange of goods and services. Used for this purpose, money is one of humanity’s most important and beneficial […]

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July 2010

There have been many exciting developments for the PCDForum since my message of February 2009. Over the past year, our focus has been on working with our key partners — the Institute for Policy Studies in DC (IPS), YES! Magazine, and the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) under the banner of the New […]

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What Others Are Saying about Agenda for a New Economy

About the Updated and Expanded Second Edition:

Annie Leonard“Korten brilliantly explains the fundamental flaws in Wall Street’s phantom wealth economy so clearly that it is hard to remember not understanding it before having read this book. Then, even better, he provides a […]

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