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Sacred Earth Community: A New Story for Our Time

Perhaps the greatest threat to our common future is a combination of extreme individualism and extreme arrogance, as we deal with proposals to expand - through the genetic engineering of species and the geo-engineering of Earth's climate - our domination of forces of nature of which we have only the most superficial understanding. The turning we humans must navigate to a viable future depends on a profound awakening to our nature as spiritual beings and our responsibility for the consequences of our choices and our relationships with one another and a living Earth.

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Story Change Matrix

Change the Story/Change the Future

We are captive to Empire stories that legitimate imperial domination. Our future depends on embracing Earth Community stories that affirm our potential for creative partnership.


Prepared for the Workshop: “To Change the Future, Change the Story”
Guiding Lights Conference, Seattle 2012
Based on David Korten, The Great Turning: From Empire to […]

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Earth Community: An Indigenous Perspective

Our species is blessed to have a surviving storehouse of Earth Community wisdom and experience that indigenous people have preserved despite the  of the institutions of Empire to eliminate it. Indigenous peoples lived close to Earth and were acutely aware that their security and survival depended on their deep bond to tribe and nature. As […]

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Irrevocable Choice



Success in navigating the Great Turning from Empire to Earth Community depends on facing up to the extent to which the crisis is a consequence of deep social and institutional pathology.

More Than Technology

Although green technologies will have an essential role, there is no technological fix. The fate of our children turns on our current irrevocable […]

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