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A Living Earth Economy for an Ecological Civilization (Wuhan, China)

(An earlier version of this paper was prepared for and presented to the 2016 Donghu Forum on Global Governance: Symposium on Green Development and Global Governance, Hauzhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.)

Abstract: We humans are now a truly global species. Our common future depends on our successful transition to an Ecological Civilization that works in […]

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Obama’s Push for Corporate Rule: A Moment of Opportunity

Call it populism versus corporatism or democracy versus corporate rule. Either way, it is a far more meaningful political division than the current division between two big-government political parties debating big versus small.

By David Korten
Published by YES! Magazine,  June 25, 2015

Only a few […]

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“Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth”

Presentation at the 2014 Praxis Peace Institute Conference, “Economics of Sustainability: Emerging Models for a Healthy Planet”, San Francisco, October 7, 2014  (PDF version)

It is lovely to be back here in the Bay Area with so many dear friends and colleagues from the forefront of the New Economy movement. And so many fans of […]

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