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Current Speaking Engagements

I regularly do media interviews and speaking events across the US and Canada.  I’m trying to limit my travel to save the planet, my body, and my sanity. Consequently I am very selective in accepting invitations that require travel, particularly air travel. The following is my schedule of confirmed public interviews and presentations. 




Berkeley, CA
May 14-16: Pacific School of Religion’s Ignite Institute hosted the New Story of Work Conference. David spoke on “Changing the Narrative”. 


Seattle, WA
May 4: The Next System Project Teach-In
, hosted by Pinchot University. David was part of a conversation, “Revolution or Evolution: How to Change the System”. See video HERE.  


Chautauqua, NY
July 2 – 8: The Chautauqua Institution‘s 2016 nine-week series on the topic, “What Does It Mean to be Human?” David will speak on Wednesday, July 6, during Week 2, “Money and Power”. More information and to register…

Buffalo, NY
July 8 – 11: CommonBound
, hosted by the New Economy Coalition. For more details and to register for this extraordinary, system-changing conference, visit HERE

“CommonBound will bring together people with powerful visions for the future: a cross-section of community leaders, thinkers, and practitioners from around the world, including the New Economy Coalition’s 140-plus member organizations from throughout the US and Canada.” 

Cortes Island, BC
July 17 – 22: Hollyhock Summer Gathering
For more information about Hollyhock and their various programs, visit their site…  

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